Ofcom recognises AsOne’s Contribution to Radio Website

The following is taken from the Latest Ofcom report for Community radio and reports the positive impact the AsOne designed and built Website and iPhone app has had on the station as well as how it compares favourably to the more wealthy commercial stations.

The launch of the new Tameside Radio website has been instrumental in driving traffic to the site. The site contains news and presenter information but also an events feature where organisers can post their own event onto the website, the site is then a source of information for presenters when constructing local links and community notice guides. Tameside Radio is, according to Google, the second most searched news source for the area on the internet. In conjunction with our website designers we have developed our own Iphone App. It has all the functionality of commercial radio apps but with an added benefit. It allows the user to access the events page of the website to see what local events are taking place and when. - Tameside Radio, Tameside 

The full report which features more about Tameside Radio can be found here: http://stakeholders.ofcom.org.uk